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Supplementary explanation
  • Due to data-interface and processing time, there is a slight time difference between "Actual Time of Departure" and "Departure status" on our web tracing result. Until data is confirmed, the "Loading ULD" column will be displayed as "Processing". Please acknowledge that cargo loading information will be finalized when specific ULD numbers (or "Bulk") is displayed in the "Loading ULD" column.

  • Information for the segments transferred by truck or other airline may not be displayed in the tracing results.
  • For JALCARGO's priority "J PRODUCTS" shipments, in addition to the Web Shipment Tracing service you have just used, you can also use JTR(JAL Cargo Trac ker Report), our innovative e-mail tracking service.

  • With JTR, you'll automatically receive e-mail updates every time there is a chan ge in the status of your freight, allowing you to monitor the movement of your s hipment on a real-time basis.

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